Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gin, Vodka and Scotch

A quick recap, especially for those that couldn't make it. We had salami (reviews below) and three liquors: vodka, gin and scotch. For each liquor Jake & Sarahmona had two bottles, one cheap and one expensive. The trick was to figure out a)which one was most expensive, and b) which one you liked the best. I was very good at figuring out which one I liked the best, but terrible (0-for-3) at determining which one was most expensive.

Salami Tasting at Jake & Sarahmona's

Salami #1: Old Forest Salami
1. A nice classic salami
2. Ditto
3. Moisture just right, mild flavor, very nice
4. Mellow and well-balanced
5. Tasty, good texture, mild
6. My favorite

Salami #2: Gypsy Salami – Tziganskaya
1. Super oily, fatty (not necessarily a bad thing)
2. Tangy edge and god smotiness (?)
3. Peppery
4. Will Kill You !!!
5. Yikes – easy on the pepper next time!
6. Oily

Salami #3: Long Teli Hungarian Salami
1. More spicy than smoky – a fair salami
2. Artificial tasting
3. Tasty, mild
4. Not great

Salami #4: Salami with Gelatin and Parmesan
1. Really Good
2. Smells like a junior high boys locker room
3. And tastes like sweaty undies from that same locker room
4. Deliciously treyf! 

Salami #5: Sopressata
1. Particularly fatty, greasy
2. Fatty, but tasty
3. Ick – Inedible, Way off flavor
4. Too oily