Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wheat Beer Recap

Hacker-Pschorr Dark Wheat
1. Very yeasty odor, but not overly yeasty flavor
2. Liked it.
3. Tastes like Blue Moon but w/no aftertaste
4. A drinkable "real" bear (most "real" beers aren't)
5. Randy says, "Old sneaker taste."
6. Wheaty, funky, pungent
7. Gassy
8. Good, darker beer. Not bitter.

Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale
1. Uh, tastes like cat pee from a cat who ate a lot of raspberries.
2. Booo fruity beer
3. A Minus (-1) One
4. Smells like my toilet after I clean it w/Lysol. Yek. Ewww.
5. Like drinking potpourri
6. At least it looks nice - sunshine in a glass.
7. Flintstones vitamin-y flavor
8. Not as bad as expected. Didn't make me throw up.
9. Cidery, kinda weak, obsequious
10. Awful, good for after cutting the grass.

Aventinus Doppelbock Wheat
1. Better. Has balls!
2. Stronger flavor. Good.
3. Tastes better w/an orange slice.
4. Medicinal
5. Well, hmmm. Aventinus is not very adventurous! Somewhat creamy, lots of alcohol?
6. Fruity, chocolaty, spicy - like spoiled cherry cordials, very close to Three Philosophers
7. Smoky and Musty

Boulevard Wheat
1. Fancy Coors Light
2. Lemon jellow without the jel. Summer pool party beer
3. This beer will grow hair on your back.
4. A nice citrusy quality. Zing!!! A little bit slutty!
5. Harmless, weak
6. Pretty light, fizzy

Millstream Wheat
1. Coors
2. Very "beery"
3. Forgettable
4. Light
5. Great, citrus

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