Thursday, February 14, 2008

February Recap - Cheese-spectacular

I believe Gruyere and Vignerons were #1 and #2


1. Would go good with Ham
2. Dry, Subtle
3. Cheesy Aftertaste
4. Smooth
5. "It's Swissy"
6. "I loved it, it's wonderful."
7. Nutty

1. Feet
2. Feet is not that far off
3. Same enzyme/bacteria that produces vomit
4. Feet Flavored
5. Foul at the end
6. Bar Breath?
7. Goes well with apples, not with Pinot Grigio
8. "It's defenisble."

Gruyere - This was the favorite even though I didn't get any comments


1. Herby and Punchy
2. Like acid reflux

Le Marachel
1. Vile
2. Tastes better than it smells
3. "I like the smooth cheeses."
4. Smoky Pate

TĂȘte de Moine (Monk Head)

Musterd seed one
1. Needs more mustard
2. Inoffensive
3. Lack of build-up

I got a little confused so I am not sure which cheese to associate the following comments to, but one stinky cheese received the following comments:
1. Good Poison
2. Like True Green Chem Lawn. It'll make your grass green but poison everything in the process.
3. Grassy Radiator Oil
4. Like Appenzeller, but better
5. ? than Gruyere, yet more ? (apologies, I cannot read my own writing)

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