Tuesday, February 19, 2008

White Wine Night

Hey Folks,

Unfortunately I only got comments on two of the wines we drank back in December, but here it is. If I can track down the others, I'll let you know:

Wine #1: Broadbentfrom Portugal
1. Tastes like a wine cooler
2. Sour aftertaste, likes a bathroom cleaner
3. Chard? Yuk! Smells like old cat litter, tastes gross.
4. Yum
5. Tastes dry like pear cider
6. Fruity

Wine #2: Adam Scott
1. Sour apple, sweet taste - good for brunch
2. Smooth, but sort of bland
3. Good, smooth
4. Champagne-ish, don't like much
5. Bad aftertaste

Wine #3:

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