Tuesday, June 19, 2007

April 2007 - White Wine

1. Zolo, Savignon Blanc, distributed by Vino del Sol, Argentina, $12.99
a. Crisp
b. Cat-box aroma
c. High-acidity
d. More personality than #2
e. Nice for price
f. Like a hot pasta salad on a summer night

2. Santa Marguerita, Pinot Grgio, Italy, $26.99
a. Dryer than #1
b. Tangy
c. Good at back of throat
d. Too subtle
e. Chicken of white wines
f. The other white wine

3. Franciscan, Chardonnay, Napa Valley, $16.99
a. Cat-boxish
b. Weird aftertaste I can’t figure out
c. Delicate oaky taste

4. Blue Slate, Riesling, Germany, $17.99
a. Palette cleansing
b. Most champagney
c. Better than a white zinfandel even though they’re related

5. Candoni, Muscato, Central Italy, $13.99
a. Carbonated soda pop
b. Light and floral
c. Perfumey
d. After dinner drink
e. Candy necklace
f. Lighter Amoretto

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