Tuesday, June 19, 2007

October 2006 - Beer

1. UFO Hefeweizen (Boston)
a. Belchy
b. Out-of-this-world
c. Serviceable
d. Better than Coors Light

2. Paulaner Hefeweizen (Germany)
a. Funny Tasting
b. Not worth $11
c. Bitter, Acidic, Fruity
d. Apple Cidery Tasting

3. Pilsner Urquell
a. Skunky
b. Not watery, not weak
c. Beyond Description

4. Stella Artois (Belgium)
a. Budweiser of Europe
b. Front Loaded
c. Frizzy
d. Snarky
e. Snotty French
f. Reassuringly Expensive

5. Leinengkuegel Red Lager (Wisconsin)
a. Mellow
b. Rainy Day - Cheese
c. Pretty on the outside, empty on the inside

6. Warsteiner
a. Subtle, but powerful
b. Good balance of taste/smell
c. Like Honey
d. Smooth
e. Thick aftertaste
f. Malty & Bubbly

7. Three Philosophers
a. Cough Syrup
b. Old, Gym Socks
c. Fruity, peppery w/spicy aftertaste

8. Terrible (Montreal)
a. Terrible
b. Awful
c. Acidic
d. Love in a bottle
e. Flavored hydrogen peroxide
f. Opposite of Stella Artois
g. Like a paper cut
h. A garden frolic

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