Tuesday, June 19, 2007

February 2007 - Tequila

1st Place w/9 votes: Don Eduardo Anejo (our most expensive bottle):
“Aged in a godly-bourbon barrel”

2nd Place w/3 votes: Patron Anejo (second-most expensive bottle):
“Peppery w/out bourbon-ickiness”
“Naked and arrested”
“Less of an alcohol flavor”

3rd Place: Two-Finger Silver (second-cheapest bottle)
“Aged in bottom of a purse”
“Aged in orange plastic jack-o-lantern “
“Candycorn, butterscotch tasting”

4th Pace: Jose Cuervo: (cheapest)
“Tastes like a Saturday night”
“Smoother than expectations”
“Not as cheap as expected”

5th Place: Sauza Reporado Hornitos (median in price)
“With a name like Hornitos, it should have been better”
“Wet sock”
“Blend of beer and tequila”
“Alcohol abuse”

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