Tuesday, June 19, 2007

March 2007 - Cheese

1. Chauvre de Wal-Mart
a. Best thing ever from Wal-Mart
b. Touched by hands of sweat shop workers
c. Tangy
d. Well-cut and minty

2. Camembert
a. Better texture than brie
b. Not distinctive

3. Goat Gouda (Dutch)
a. First place w/6 votes
b. Ummmm
c. Creamy
d. Awesome
e. Tremendous
f. Buttery
g. Nutty

4. Smoked Gouda
a. It’s very creamy
b. “It’s good, not as good as last one.”

5. Cheddar something or other
a. About 3.5 votes
b. Cheddar, as cheddar should be
c. Good w/apples
d. Powerful
e. Full-bodied

6. Spanish Manchego
a. No comments, but good for 3 first place votes

7. Royal Stinky Butt
a. 2nd Place
b. It’s like the plate farted
c. Potent
d. An athletic cheese
e. Make out before you eat this cheese
f. Like licking the inside of a locker room

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